Aqua Income · Growth · Flexibility

Crystal Aqua is designed for individuals to choose a regular monthly income from their retirement fund.

Payments from Crystal Aqua will be made monthly, with a minimum income level of £100.00 per month.  Individuals have the option to change their level of income annually, or move their fund to another Crystal option if they wish to at any time.

Taking a regular income from Crystal Aqua will reduce the level of funds invested.  The Crystal Quotation Tool can provide an estimate of how long the fund is expected to last.

Crystal Aqua will be invested in a mix of assets (as detailed on the asset allocation pie chart), known as a Target Date Fund. This offers the potential for growth to protect income against inflation. The mix of assets also spreads the risk across a number of investment classes and aims to grow the Fund, in a controlled manner, to allow for flexible withdrawals whilst retaining a benefit to be passed on to dependents.

Individuals with funds remaining will be able to close down Crystal Aqua, switch to another option within Crystal or buy an annuity on the open market. There are no ties to Crystal Aqua and individuals can change their mind at any time.

Benefits of Crystal Aqua

  • Pre-retirement communication, planning and guidance
  • No rushed decision
  • Choose level of monthly income with the original investment controlled or maintained
  • Continued ‘ownership’ of the Fund post retirement
  • No long term ties
  • Payment advice via email
  • All tax deductions made to HMRC
  • Member Access Portal (MAP) for individuals to view the remaining Fund and payment history
  • Ability to pass on benefits on death to a Directed Beneficiary in the form of an extended drawdown or a lump sum payment to the Estate (subject to tax)

It must be remembered, Crystal Aqua uses an investment linked product managed by AB Global and therefore, investments may go down as well as up. This could be as a result of the market going down or because investments do not perform as well as expected.

The Trustee monitor investment performance regularly and is supported by independent investment consultants and Crystal Operations. For further information about investment risk please click here.