How Crystal will improve your business

Reduced Risk

  • High level governance driven by BlueSky’s Strategic Team
  • Independent Trustee appointments
  • Use of secure Member Access Portal (MAP), which is also available for branding

Employee interaction will improve

  • High quality proven administration with superb SLA targets and achievements
  • Web tools available plus administration and client service teams to talk to

Lower charges

  • Administration fees will be lower
  • Consultancy fees reduced
  • Charges are flexible, with employers able to pay some of the operating cost

Continuation of brand at no cost

  • Branding options are available to maintain familiarity and consistency for members

Employee outcomes will improve

  • Innovative, award winning Investments covering accumulation and decumulation under the same arrangement
  • Lower fees throughout pension scheme membership
  • Members are provided with the freedom to control their own pension savings throughout their pension journey

How to become a Partner


Crystal Drawdown Quotation Tool