TBPS is a non-profit arrangement and one of the largest Master Trusts in the UK.

TBPS completed the Master Trust Assurance Framework (AAF02/07) in December 2015 and as a result of this features on the Pensions Regulator’s list of approved Master Trusts. In addition, TBPS is an Auto Enrolment qualifying workplace pension scheme.

Operating for over 30 years, TBPS is the chosen pension scheme for many industries and partnerships covering over 1 million employees and prides itself on innovation and value for money offering Target Date Funds as a member default and the opportunity to drawdown pension benefits in the UK’s first Trust based drawdown scheme, Crystal, operated by BlueSky Pensions UK Ltd.

Any employer is able to join TBPS using the automated SUN (Sign Up Now) process and there is a beneficial no cost option to join for partnership employers. Click on the relevant link below for further information.

Additionally, a no cost Life Assurance benefit (1500LifeCover) is provided to every member of TBPS under the age of 75 as part of their active membership. The benefit of £1,500 can be paid out to a member’s nominated beneficiary in order to cover any immediate financial burdens in the event of their death. Find out more about this life assurance benefit, including the importance of updating your nominated beneficiaries.